Luna - Soft Relaxing Music For Dreaming

Luna - Soft Relaxing Music For Dreaming

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The moon is rising beyond the sea, magic and mystic. The light is sparkling on the soft waves of the sea illuminating the night. The idea for this relaxing music came to me when I was sitting on my balcony at Arrieta, Lanzarote, Canary Islands looking over the sea watching a mystic magic moon night. This music guides you far away into soft and sweet dreams.

Lay down and let go when listening to this music for well-being. Enjoy this beautiful music on a mystic full-moon night.

Soft relaxing music for letting go and dreaming by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller

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The track "Lanzarote Moon" is played on the Great Whale Spirit Flute having a magic warm sound.

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