Meditation Music - Spiritual Music for Meditation

Meditation Music - Spiritual Music for Meditation


Healing Spiritual Meditation Music


Here you will find meditation music and spiritual music. Especially the Moses Code Frequency Flute Prayer and Ho'oponopono will bring us into a higher frequency. Quantum healing music will connect us with the quantum field of Divine Matrix.

Special healing music:the albums with Solfeggio-and Rife frequencies, which are very harmonizing for soul, mind and body.

Singing bowls being rich in overtones are very relaxing and help us to find the contact with our inner self.

Some albums contain shamanic music with Native American flutes and drums. They help us to find the oneness with Mother Earth.

You may use this music as sleeping music.

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May this music bring peace and harmony into the world!



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37 - 42 of 42 results