Healing Music

Healing Music - Meditation Music For Healing

Healing Music - Meditation Music For Healing


Healing Music

On this page you will find various music alums with Healing Music for Soul, Mind and Body.

Meditation Music in the Solfeggio Frequencies has a harmonizing effect on our energy system. The 528 Hz Frequency is the frequency of love having healing power.

The Moses Code Frequency connects us with the Divine, it is the sound of the "I AM".

Forgiving is very important to come into inner peace. The Ho'oponopono Sound Meditation brings us into forgiveness, gratefulness and love.

Shamanic Sound Healing is helping us to release blockages finding inner harmony.

Chakra Meditation Music is harmonizing the energy centres in our body.

Quantum Healing Music is connecting us with the Divine.

Angel Meditation Music is bringing us into a higher consciousness connecting us with the Beings of Light.

This spiritual healing music can support your healing. It does not replace the medical doctors.

This music may help you to get well during treatments and after sugeries, helps you to release fears and blockages. You may use this music as background music for therapies, in hospitals, for massage and during medical treatments.

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